Jun 10 2014

Hello! Welcome to Tastes of Tampa Bay Catering Company.

We love….

Cooking, Celebrations, Flavorful Bites, Creating, Good Company, Fresh Ingredients, Serving, Full Bellies, and Crafted Events

Our philosophy is to surpass your expectations with delicious, handcrafted food and outstanding service. Our culinary style focuses on fresh ingredients and flavorful, approachable food.

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Weddings and Engagement Parties
Corporate and Social Events
On-site Professional Dining Programs
Graduation and Holiday Parties
Box Lunches and Drop-off Meals
In-Home Entertaining
Fitness Club and Family Meal Delivery
Tailgate and Theme Parties
Street Surfer Food Truck

As you are perusing our site we would like to introduce ourselves and help you get a feel for what we do.

Tastes of Tampa Bay Catering Co., formally Sandra’s Taste of Tampa, has been operating in the Tampa Bay area for over 25 years. Never heard of us? You’re not the first. For a number of those years (right around 18) we operated exclusively for a little organization known as the Tampa Bay Bucs until they internalized their catering needs. This internalization required restructuring on our part, which led to a regime change, name change, location change . . . you get the picture. We are proud to bring you new product and service offerings, new corporate clients that can attest to the high quality of those products and services, and of course, a new way to reach us and for us to reach you; a brand spanking new website and social media accounts. Welcome, to the twenty first century Tastes of Tampa Bay Catering Co. Took you long enough!

Anyways. Let’s get to the good stuff, the food and the planning process.

This is a weekly e-mail or phone call we receive; “Hey! We really liked your sample menus. We’re thinking of holding an event. Can you shoot over some menus and prices?” Hm. Sure, we could. Our menu “designer,” if you will, could literally send you an influx of delicious menus that probably have nothing to do with what you are looking for but will make you drool nonetheless. Sass aside, what you will probably receive in response is a number of questions, the 4 most important being;

What kind of event are you holding? How many people will be attending? What kind of food are you looking for? What is your budget?

We are not trying to be difficult. We are trying to expedite your planning process and make it as easy and specific to you as possible. We are sure you have heard “delicious food, personalized service, budget friendly” and so on and so forth. But at Tastes of Tampa Bay Catering Co. we believe and push all of those things. That’s why the details of your event are so important and we strive to do things differently. Here’s how:

Hate limited and cookie cutter menus?

So do we. Your menu is literally created after we talk to you. Yes, it may include items you ultimately may not want but the initial menu options are strictly to give you an idea of the scope of our offerings or to help you nail down what you do want and how it can fit into your budget. Love an initial menu we send you? Great. Want to scrap it and get new ideas? No problem. But we do not give you a dozen nonnegotiable menus with corresponding pricing and send you on your way.

Think catering needs to be more than thawing out a premade product?

Hallelujah. When we say we handcraft our food, we mean it. We are constantly testing out new recipes, sourcing fresh ingredients and putting our efforts into creating unique and delicious items.

Lying about your budget to try and “get the best deal?”

Not helpful. We are not ignorant. We realize and encourage you to shop around and compare. However, saying you have no budget or grossly overstating your budget does no one any good. Not only will you get menus that are completely irrelevant to your situation you will waste both of our time when we could give you an accurate proposal from the get go. Our pricing process includes nailing down a few menu options that you would like to see, filling it in with our suggestions, determining what staff and rental costs you may require and giving you a minimum of 3 menu and pricing options. Bottom line; if there is a strict budget you are working with and items you would like to see let us know up front and we will do our absolute best to meet those needs.

Think catering is some inaccessible, overpriced, unnecessary headache that leaves you with rubber chicken, hard rolls and sheet cake?

First of all, let me apologize oh behalf of whatever caterer wronged you into believing this, your poor stomach. Secondly, let me thank them because you are going to find working with us refreshing! Catering companies can be hard to navigate if they’re not willing to work with you, determine your needs and fit them into a budget and proposal that works for you. As you have already discovered Tastes of Tampa Bay Catering Co. prides itself in handcrafted food to leave your belly happy and your guests impressed. We take the guesswork out of pricing by giving you as detailed a proposal as possible and letting you know where added costs may come in to play. We don’t limit you to one type of service offering;

Love the gathering but hate the cooking and the clean up? We’re with you. Full service it is!

Want to pick up your menu items and reheat at your home? Specific reheating directions will be included.

Preparing your grandmother’s famous fried chicken but want all the fixings and someone to serve? Great idea!

Catering services should not result in a headache. They are meant to take the headache out of your important meeting, gathering or celebration to leave you the time to focus on the task at hand or enjoy those around you and the reason you’re together.

Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself to Tastes of Tampa Bay Catering Co. We promise we’re not always this long winded. We hope to serve you in the future. Come with a lot of questions, a hungry belly and let us know how we can best meet your needs.

Create. Gather. Enjoy.

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